Surface Stress Meter

Heat-Strengthened Glass Surface Stress Meter: Accurate Measurement for Enhanced Safety

Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited, a leading manufacturer of precision optical instruments in China, introduces its latest product, the Heat-Strengthened Glass Surface Stress Meter. This innovative product provides a reliable solution for measuring surface stress in heat-strengthened glass, a critical factor that affects the glass's overall strength and durability. With this compact and user-friendly device, users can accurately and quickly measure the surface stress of heat-strengthened glass and check whether it meets industry standards. The Heat-Strengthened Glass Surface Stress Meter is an essential tool for glass manufacturers, quality control inspectors, and researchers in the glass industry. Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited is committed to producing high-quality optical instruments at a competitive price. For inquiries about the product and pricelist, please visit our website or contact our sales team. We strive to provide excellent customer service and solutions that meet our clients' needs.

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