JF-1E Glass Surface Stress Meter

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JF-1E Glass Surface Stress Meter is applied for measuring the surface stress of thermally toughened glass and heat-strengthened glass with DSR Method on the tin side. The special edition can work on Borofloat Glass.

It applied with the Code and standard ASTM C 1048, ASTM C 1279, EN 12150-2, EN 1863-2.

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For the hardware, the system maily consists of a PDA with 3.5’’ touch screen and a measure instrument. Two parts are connected with a clamp.

The angle of PDA and the main body can be adjusted by the hinge. In the measurement operation, the operator can get the image by adjust the knob. The light is on when the battery is charging. When the charging procedure completed, the light is off.


For the software, there are three views, initial view, measure view and set view. In the initial view, the operator access measure view by clicking the start button or access set view by clicking the set button. In the measure view, the image will shown on the left part and the result will be shown on the right part (in MPa format).

There are two labels in the right down part, one is the light index and the other one is the software version. In set view, the following parameters are set; Serial numbers, image up to down mirror, image left to right mirror, image rotation angle, meter factor and light intensity. When the adjustment completed, the operator can validate the setting and return to initial view by click the confirm button, and then start measurement.


Range: 15~400MPa

Weight: 0.4 Kg

Touch Screen: 3.5’’

Resolution: 1.2MPa

JF-1E Surface Stress Meter ()

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