JF-4 Series Glass Surface Stress Meter

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JF-4 Series Glass Surface Stress Meter is developed to measure surface stress of chemically tempered glass and thermally tempered glass automatically. It is equipped with a computer(PC) that reduces measurement errors happened by each operator. Besides, complex calculation required to calculate surface compression stress and depth of layer and the central tension stress for the tempered glass is quickly solved by using optical waveguide effect. Data storing in PC memory directly makes quality control easily.

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It has been widely used in the quality control for phone glass panel , LCD panel and other chemically tempered glass panel. The meter, however, cannot be applied to chemically tempered glass produced by (Li+ in glass) and (Na+ in salt bath) ion exchange and chemically tempered photochromic glass.

It can be customized according to the requirements. Newly released software with features suitable for double ion-exchange glass, showing stress distribution, automatically continuing measurement, automatically continue recording in CSV file,and report export. 


The software is to cooperate with the glass surface stress meter to use on the computer. Using this software, the single measurement and continuous measurement of the glass surface stress, the stress distribution inspection (only chemical tempered glass), record, printing reports can be completed on the computer.

Parameters and other functions can be set at the same time. The resolution of computer monitors is required to be 1280*1024 pixels or above.


Accuracy: 20Mpa

Range: 1000MPa/1500MPa

Depth: 5~50um/10~100um/10~200um

Operation System: Windows 7 32bit / Windows 64 bit

Light Source Wave Length: 355nm/595nm/790nm±10nm

JF-4 Surface Stress Meter (equipment)
JF-4 Surface Stress Meter (equipment)2 (1)
JF-4 Surface Stress Meter (equipment)2 (2)

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