Secondary-image-separation Test System

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Secondary-image-separation Test System (SIS-02) is dedicated to measure angular separation of the secondary image from the primary image on windshield in dedicated position.

The software for the system can identify the primary image and secondary image, calculate the separation angle and energy ratio, record the result, and export report automatically.

The secondary image energy ratio can be equal to the primary image energy ratio, and min secondary image separation angle value can be less than 1’ at the general rake angle with Jeffoptics Patented technology “PIERT”.

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SIS02 secondary image deviation measurement system includes telescope unit (as shown in Figure 1), laser light source unit (as shown in Figure 2), heavy adjustable tripod (option), etc.  

The telescope unit consists of the following parts:

1. Camera. 

2. Lens.

3. Manual lifting platform with a stroke of 60mm.

4. Lens holder.

5. Dust cover.

6. Tripod PTZ adapter plate.

7. Damping hinge (customized).

8. Tablet PC fixed plate (customized).

9. Tablet PC (customized).

10. Camera USB-connection cable.

The Laser light source unit consists of the following parts:

1. Dust cover.

2. Expansion optics.

3. Locking ring.

4. Digital inclinometer.

5. Laser light source fixing seat.

6. Laser.

7. Radiator.

8. Power adapter.

9. Laser power supply.


The software interface includes the following areas:

1. Menu bar area: display the operation menu.

2. Display area: display real-time screen and auxiliary information.

3. Report area: report header setting, measurement record, and report operation.

4. Result area: display real-time measurement results.

5. Operation area: operator's operation command.

6. Status bar area: display operation status and camera frame rate.




Min Value:




Refresh rate


Working temperature:

5~35 degree

Relative humanity:


Power supply:


Light Source:


Wave Length:


Polarization angle:


Laser Power:


Camera Port:


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