JF-3E Glass Surface Stress Meter

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JF-3 Series Glass Surface Stress Meters are applied for measuring the surface stress of thermally toughened glass, heat-strengthened glass, annealed glass and float glass on the tin side of the glass. The meters can measure architectural glass, automotive glass and solar glass. The PDA will calculate the fringe angle and give surface stress. They are suitable for lab, production line and field testing.

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JF-3E is an automatic device. The operation period can reduce one half comparing with JF-3B. PC software is also provided for JF-3E. JF-3H is special version of JF-3E with curved prism. Surface with radius 200mm can be measured also.

Special applications can measure Borofloat Glass, Selenium Cadmium Sulfide Optical Glass with AR coating, 5% TT low transmittance glass and low transmittance glass such as PG 10 and VG 10.All the automotive glass, Windshield Glass, Side Window Glass, Sunroof Glass and Back window Glass.

JF-3 series will provide a measurement of acceptable surface compression for tempered glass per ASTM C 1048,ASTM C 1279, EN 12150-2, EN 1863-2 with a reliable indication.


The system mainly consists of a PDA with 3.5’’ touch screen and a measure instrument. Two parts are connected with a clamp. The angle of PDA and the main body can be adjusted by the hinge as the picture showed.

There are two views on the PDA, measure view and set view. It’s easy to operation. You can also find the operation video on our website www.jeffoptics.com or our user manual.


Range: 200MPa (29000PSI)

Calculation Speed: 0.5 second

Resolution: 0.1Mpa /15PSI/ 0.1 Degree

JF-3E Surface Stress Meter ()

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