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Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited is a company dedicated to RD glass quality control instruments. Our technical support team can provide customers with complete equipment installation, training, hardware development, software development, system integration, and other work.

Our Story

Since its establishment in 2015, to provide our clients with better products for glass surface stress measurement, Jeffoptics has developed different series of glass surface stress testing devices. These devices provide more accurate results in a shorter time, with more friendly operations. The powerful PC software interface provides automatic and manual measurement, set, and report functions. Moreover, operators don't need to carry out field calculations as all meters are equipped with the PDA. The PC software and PDA can increase measurement accuracy, reduce operator errors, and reduce operator workload.

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Why Choose Us

Our products include glass surface stress meter, glass edge stress meter, glass optical property test equipment and glass safety test equipment. Applications include architectural glass, automotive glass, solar glass and electronic glass.

The device has the features of easy operations, high resolution, and robustness. With only two adjustment components, operations can be carried out as easily as making a phone call. The result can be given within 0.5 second; operator need no long judge the rotation angle and look up the table.

Adhering to the core values of integrity, efficiency, innovation, and win-win, Jeffoptics adheres to integrity as a cornerstone, with an efficient operation mechanism and innovative spirit of exploration, constantly creating value for our customers, and achieving win-win results for all parties.

If you are not familiar with stress measurement devices or if you are not sure which Jeffoptics instrument is suitable for your application, please contact us via e-mail or phone for assistance. We will be glad to review your application and help you understand how stress measurement can become a vital part of your quality control procedures.

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