JF-5 Glass Stress Meter

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JF-5 glass stress meter uses photoelasticity scattered light method to measure the stress distribution of glass. It can measure the stress distribution inside and on the surface of patterned glass, borosilicate glass, sodium silicate glass, etc.


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Solar patterned glass,borosilicate glass,sodium silicate glass

The JF-5 stress gauge is equipped with computer software and a PDA, and it can be connected to a computer for use in the laboratory and PDA on site.

When connected to the computer, the stress value of the glass is automatically calculated by computer software.

The PDA comes with a 3.5 "LCD display screen, which displays the observed images in real-time on the screen. The instrument can measure glass installed at any angle in a handheld manner. The measurement results can be saved in PDA and uploaded to computer software through USB port.


Range: >1MPa
Depth 0~6mm
Principle photoelasticity scattered light
Light Source Laser @640nm
Output Power 5mw


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