JF-3A Glass Surface Stress Meter

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JF-3A Glass Surface Stress Meter is applied for measuring the surface stress of thermally toughened glass, heat-strengthened glass, annealed glass and float glass on the tin side of the glass. It is the basic version of JF-3 series glass surface stress meter. It’s an all manual operated device. The meter is equipped with an eyepiece and a protractor dial. When the fringe is shown, operator can recognize the fringe angle manually. The operator needs to look up the Angle-Stress table to get the stress value.

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Hardware and Maintenance

There is a prism at the bottom of the instrument. There are two adjustable knobs at the two side of the instrument. In the measurement operation, operator can get the image by adjusting the first knob. Operator can change light direction by adjusting the second knob.

For the maintenance, please be kindly notice following steps;

1. Disconnect the charging power supply from recharge socket, turn the power switch off.

2. Loosen the screws of battery cover by a screwdriver, remove the battery cover.

3. Take the battery out.

4. Insert the new battery (standard 18650 battery), the positive pole of battery is upper.

5. Install the battery cover, tighten the two screws.

6. Charging with 5VDC power supply.

Reference Formula

JF-3A Glass Surface Stress Met3.3

CS: Surface compress stress

A1: Wedge factor (Factor)

θ: Rotation angle of fringe


Wedge angle: 1°/2°/4°

Resolution: 1 Degree

Battery model: 18650

Range: 0~95MPa(0~13000PSI)/0~185 MPa (0~26000PSI)

Code and standard: ASTM C 1048, ASTM C 1279, EN12150-2, EN1863-2

JF-3A Surface Stress Meter (back)

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