JF-2E Glass Surface Stress Meter

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JF-2E Glass Surface Stress Meter is applied for measuring the surface stress of chemically tempered glass and thermally tempered glass by optical waveguide effect method. JF-2E is the Portable Version with PDA. It complied with ASTM C 1422. It also has the features of easy operation, small size, portable, manual operation assistant (PC software only).

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It’s similar with JF-1E and JF-3E, the system mainly consists of a PDA and a measure instrument. Two parts are connected with a clamp. The angle of PDA and the main body can be adjusted by the hinge.

There is a prism at the bottom of the instrument. There are two adjustable knobs at the two sides of the instrument. Right knob is for image adjustment, left knob is for light source location adjustment. 


For the software, there are two views, measure view and set view. In measure view, the live image is shown on the up part, the results are shown on the left down part and the Start/Stop pushbutton and Set pushbutton are shown on the right down part. The operator can start measuring by click the Start pushbutton and access set view by click the Set pushbutton.

The interface of chemically tempered glass surface stress measurement is different from thermally tempered glass surface stress measurement.

In Set view, the following parameters are set; Serial number, Thermally tempered glass measurement, glass thickness, photo elastic coefficient, glass core refractive index and factor 1.


Measure Range :1000MPa

Depth of Layer: 100um

Accuracy: 20 MPa/5um

Wavelength: 590nm

PDA Touch Screen: 3.5”

Battery: 4000mAH

JF-2E Surface Stress Meter ()

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