AEM-01 Automatic Edge Stress Meter

AEM-01 automatic edge stress meter adopts the photoelastic principle to measure the edge stress of glass according to ASTM C 1279-13. The meter can be applied to laminated glass, float glass, annealed glass, heat-strengthened glass, and tempered glass. The transmittance of glass affects less on the measurement. Clear glass and tint glass (vg10, pg10) can be measured. Painted glass after being polished with sandpaper can also be measured. The meter can measure the front windshield glass, sidelite, backlite, sunroof glass, and solar patterned glass.               

AEM-01 automatic edge stress meter can measure the stress distribution (from compression to tension) at one time with a speed of about 12 Hz, and the results are accurate and stable. It can meet the requirements of rapid and comprehensive measurement and testing in factory production. With the features of small size, compact structure, and ease of use, the meter is also suitable for quality control, spot check, and other requirements.

There are a sample measurement port, a positioning block and three positioning points. The probe head is directly connected to the computer through USB2.0 interface, as shown in the figure below:


AEM-01 Automatic Edge Stress Meter



The matched software, AEM-01 Automatic Edge Stress Meter Software, is the supporting software for AEM-01 Automatic Edge Stress Meter (short for AEM), providing all the operation functions such as setting, measurement, alarm, record, report and so on.






Sample thickness:14mm

Resolution:1nm or 0.1MPa

Calculating rate:12 Hz

Sample transmittance:4% or less

Measure length:50 mm

Calibration:Wave plate

Operation system:Windows 7/10 64bit

Measurement range:±150MPa@4mm, ±100MPa@6mm,±1600nm or customized

In summary, using AEM-01 automatic edge stress gauge is an excellent way for glass manufacturers to ensure that their products meet industry standards. This device provides reliable and accurate results while being easy to operate. Whether you produce tempered glass, annealed glass, float glass, laminated glass or any other type of glass, AEM-01 is a valuable tool you should have

Post time: Mar-02-2023