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Total solution for automotive glass measurement

Get a fun driving experience through a glass. But how to make the automotive glass safe when you have a fun driving, that’s what we are doing now.


JF-3H is a total solution for automotive glass surface stress measurement. The operators can test the surface stress of float glass, annealed glass, semi-tempered glass, and tempered glass by using JF-3H. Likewise, the operators can measure the glass surface stress of glass with high and low transmittance. That means, by using JF-3, the operators can test the surface stress of the windshield glass of the automotive, side window glass of automotive, sunroof glass of automotive, and rear window glass of the automotive. JF-3H can be used to measure the surface stress of the tin side disregarding air side paint or not.

JF -1 is also a good solution for measuring the surface stress of the automotive glass if you have limited budget. The instrument is applied for measuring surface stress of thermally toughened glass and heat-strengthened glass on the tin side. The special edition can work on borofloat Glass.

JF-1 is DSR method and JF-3 is enhanced GASP method. See the below pictures for the detailed information.


JF-1 Surface Stress Meter


JF-3 Surface Stress Meter

JF-1 surface stress meter and JF-3 surface stress meter are non-destructive surface stress measurement devices complying with ASTM/EN standards and test methods. They are suitable for automotive glass, architectural glass, and solar glass.

These devices make the results more accurate in a shorter time, with more user-friendly operations. The powerful PC software provides automatic and manual measurement, set, and report functions. Moreover, the operators don't have to execute field calculations as all meters are equipped with the PDA. The PC software and PDA can increase measurement accuracy, reduce operator errors, improve process control, and reduce operator workload.

Post time: Mar-02-2023