JF-3 Series Glass Surface Stress Meter

JF-3 Series Glass Surface Stress Meters are applied for measuring the surface stress of thermally toughened glass, heat-strengthened glass, annealed glass and float glass. The meters can measure architectural glass, automotive glass and solar glass. They are suitable for lab, production line and field testing. There are 5 models: JF-3A, JF-3B, JF-3D, JF-3E and JF-3H.

Special applications can measure Borofloat Glass, Selenium Cadmium Sulfide Optical Glass with AR coating, 5% TT low transmittance glass and low transmittance glass such as PG 10 and VG 10.All the automotive glass, Windshield Glass, Side Window Glass, Sunroof Glass and Back window Glass.

All models apply with code and standard ASTM C 1048, ASTM C 1279,EN12150-2, EN1863-2.

The features of JF-3 Series are small size, portable and easy operation.

JF-3A is the basic version of JF-3 series glass surface stress meter. It is an all manual operated device. The meter is equipped with an eyepiece and a protractor dial.


JF-3B is a Semi-automatic device. The meter is equipped with a PDA show living image as well as still image. PDA is used to assist operator to recognize the fringe angle. As the fringe angle is recognized, the stress value is shown. Angle-Stress table is integrated in PDA software. Compared with equipment using eyepiece, operation complexity is reduced and operator fatigue can be greatly reduced.

JF-3D is wifi Version. The App can be installed in IOS and Android phone System. The phone connects the device network via device Wifi and no extra wifi server is needed.

JF-3E is an automatic device. The PDA will calculate the fringe angle and give surface stress. The operation period can reduce one half comparing with JF-3B. PC software is also provided for JF-3E.

JF-3H is special version of JF-3E with curved prism. Surface with radius 200mm can be measured also.


PC software




Curved Glass


Optical Glass with AR Coating


Low Transmittance Glass


Reverse (Selenium Cadmium Sulfide Optical Glass)

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