Surface Stress Meter

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Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited is a leading manufacturer of glass surface measurement tools in China. We are proud to introduce our Glass Surface Stress Measurement Tool Kit that is designed to accurately measure the stress level on glass surfaces. This high-tech product is essential for quality control in the glass manufacturing industry. Our Glass Surface Stress Measurement Tool Kit includes a variety of tools and accessories to ensure comprehensive and accurate measurement results. With our product, customers can easily measure surface stress levels on tempered glass, annealed glass, and laminated glass. Our tool kit is perfect for professionals in the glass industry who are looking for a reliable and effective way to measure the quality and strength of their products. We offer competitive pricing for our Glass Surface Stress Measurement Tool Kit, providing exceptional value for our customers. It is the perfect investment for any glass manufacturing company looking to improve their quality control and ensure the safety and durability of their products. Contact us today for a pricelist and to learn more about our product.

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