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Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited, a leading manufacturer of optical measurement devices in China, is proud to offer their latest product, the Edge Stress Measurement Device. This advanced device is designed to accurately measure surface and edge stress on thin glass, touch screens, and other electronic displays. It is especially useful in the mobile phone and tablet manufacturing industry. Our Edge Stress Measurement Device is easy to use and provides fast, reliable results. With its user-friendly interface and simple operation, even non-experts can efficiently operate the device. Additionally, Jeffoptics offers a competitive pricelist for their products, making the Edge Stress Measurement Device an affordable and high-quality solution for those in need of surface and edge stress measurement. Jeffoptics has a strong reputation for delivering high-performance products with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The Edge Stress Measurement Device is no exception, providing exceptional results for researchers, developers, and manufacturers alike. We encourage you to contact us for more information on how our products can assist in your testing and production needs.

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